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City of neighborhoods: The antidote to anti-urbanism

Empowering urban neighborhhoods and giving them the tools they need to build the kinds of communities they envision will create diverse, equitable communities.

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A jazz sendoff: Closing night at the Platform

Washington Platform was a reliable venue for jazz for 10 years. It went out on a high note.

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Argos Natural Pet Food feeds and treats Queen City dogs and cats

After years of rescuing, fostering, and caring for dogs and cats, Elisabeth Mayer left her corporate career to pursue a line of work dedicated to serving her lifelong passion for animals.

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City of Art: When the urban streets become a gallery for international artists and students

A public mural project helped create a sense of identity for a forgotten urban neighborhood, encouraged visitors, and sparked further investments.  

Feature Story For years, the school has experienced break-ins and property damage.

How do you solve a problem like Shroder? The KHDC is working towards a resolution

Shroder High School has been mostly vacant since 2007, but community leaders are working to resolve grievances and give it a second life.

Feature Story Meiser’s Grocery and Deli keeps Lower Price Hill from being a food desert.

Neighbors work together to lift their community

Lower Price Hill has seen a lot of hardships over the years. Here are the residents and organizations working to uplift the community.

Feature Story Hybrid offers a wide variety of high-quality Jewelry.

Consent: What is it and why is it important?

The #MeToo movement brought to light the many ways that people can be violated. One local piercing artist is making sure that kids know that it’s ok to say “no.”

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The Ohio River Recreation Trail promotes geotourism and economies in river cities in three states

A coalition of outdoor enthusiasts and advocates is working to promote the river and its communities as sources of healthy recreation and economic opportunities.

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The Entrepreneurial City: Where ideas, networks, and connections thrive

New ideas take root in cities, where the networks and connections exist to test those concepts, attract talented people, find partners and customers, and grow.

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Rage rooms, ax throwing and meditation: Stressful times demand new ways to blow off a little steam

Weary of “juggling projects,” “spinning lots of plates,” “climbing the corporate ladder” or just stressed out? There's help for that.

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