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Long lives, well lived: What neighborhoods can do to increase life expectancy

Life expectancy is often compared from nation to nation or state to state, but there’s a wide disparity among neighboring communities just within Hamilton County.

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YouTube star Feli from Germany delivers take on Germans and Americans from her Cincinnati home

The lighthearted looks at German-American cultural differences and her knowledgeable, approachable tone has helped rapidly grow her YouTube channel.

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Common ground: Creating shared civic space sparks redevelopment in neighborhoods

As older communities look for ways to attract new residents, retain folks who already live there, and lure new businesses, common spaces connect people to place.

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It’s not OK to stay not OK

Educators collaborate with Beech Acres to bolster students’ mental health.  

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(Still) Made in Cincinnati: Meet Damon Gray, maker of fine violins, violas, and cellos

Damon Gray didn’t inherit a family business, but he did inherit music from his family.

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There's new funding for affordable housing. Will it reach the first-ring suburbs?

The affordable housing shortage is often thought of as a big-city problem, but first-ring suburbs also need investment to improve aging housing stock and encourage ownership.  

Feature Story Melaine “Lani” Lomax is Cincinnati Recreation Commission's resident pickleball specialist.

Bend your knees and communicate: Great pickleball (and life) advice

Pickleball’s burgeoning popularity in the Queen City has happened organically as people found new ways to keep fit and make friends.

Partner Content L to R: Civic Art Studio Artists Emilee Taylor, Zero Pruitt, Eve Miller, Madison Lentz, Aspen Stein (behind), Lexi Spurlock, Claire Wagner and Civic-Artist-in-Residence Asha White at ArtWorks' ArtAmplifed event in June.

ArtWorks reimagines the future of public art with New Monuments Initiative

Share your thoughts and ideas on monuments in your community to help inform the creation of new ones. Take the five-minute public survey now.

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City of Solidarity: Urban places can be models of social harmony in a divided world

With a diversity of cultures, places, and experiences – cities show how we can thrive in a complicated world.

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(Still) Made in Cincinnati: Behind the scenes with local artisans keeping traditional trades alive

While traditional trades like carpentry, blacksmithing, upholstery, and tailoring seem like dying trades, they’re not dead yet. It might be hard to find them but, yes, there are still plenty of things being made in Cincinnati.

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