Taft's 2019 Artist-in-Residence: independent filmmaker Ya’Ke Smith Read Article

Provided by the Taft Museum of Art

By the people: How Ohio citizens better their communities through direct action Read Article

Krista Magaw, executive director of the Tecumseh Land Trust, which was created to save Whitehall Farm from development. Gary Kessler

What Love Does: Grace + Grit Spa offers healing treatments for cancer warriors Read Article

Crystal Grace at Grace + Grit Spa in Silverton. Gary Kessler


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Taft's 2019 Artist-in-Residence: independent filmmaker Ya’Ke Smith

The Texas-based artist, educator, and filmmaker will spend two weeks in Cincinnati working in both the museum and the community. 

Feature Story The Northern Kentucky Giving Circle met in the Impact Cowork space in Newport.

Giving Circle amplifies the impact and engagement of individual philanthropists

One doesn't need to be wealthy to give and create an impact in the community.

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By the people: How Ohio citizens better their communities through direct action

Under the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, all powers not given to the federal government are given to the people or the states. 

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What Love Does: Grace + Grit Spa offers healing treatments for cancer warriors

Crystal Grace and Sha-Kim Smith believe that self care is health care.

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Covington’s legendary leader, Tom Dibello

Just over 40 years after it was founded, Covington-based nonprofit The Center for Great Neighborhoods operates in a very different environment from the one in which it began. 

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Bridget Behrmann credits her love of Cincinnati to family and community

The director of Wellness and Member Engagement for the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati could have — and has — lived in a variety of places. But Behrmann chose to return for the unique communities, restaurants, and teams.

Feature Story The 23-acre site borders the Covington riverfront and the city center.

Covington's rare opportunity to reconnect to the river

Covington has a chance to re-imagine its core, create jobs and and reconnect to the river.

Feature Story Brittany York lead the Civics Essential trivia series.

Civics Essential: A look back at trivia competitions across the state, plus a summer reading list

The inaugural year of Civics Essential came to a close last month with the season's final game hour at Delaware Main Library, but we rounded up a summer reading — and watching — list to keep you engaged until phase two of the series begins next month. 

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40 years in the (print) making: Tiger Lily Press perseveres thanks to loyal volunteers and members

The art of printmaking dates back to Rembrandt but still endures in Cincinnati. Head to the anniversary celebration of the first printing studio in Ohio, starting August 3rd. 

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Long overdue recognition comes for a groundbreaking photographer

Nancy Rexroth made a quiet living capturing the rural parts of Southeastern Ohio. Now her work is about to find a permanent home at the Cincinnati Art Museum. 

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