Video Washington Park public.private partnerships

& Co. [VIDEO] featuring 3CDC's Adam Gelter on public-private partnerships

Yard & Company's video podcast series focused on COVID-19 and the impact on cities hosted Adam Gelter from 3CDC. Over the last decade, 3CDC has invested over $1 billion into downtown Cincinnati and Over-the-Rhine.

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A helping hand, not a handout: Ohio offers resources for offenders returning to their communities

One-third of the 6,000 prisoners released each year will return to jail. Across the state, organizations and nonprofits are trying to change that.

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Recovery and resilience: Creating communities and a built environment that can adapt and thrive

From natural disasters to pandemics, architects search for innovative solutions to move forward after a crisis.

Feature Story  ArtWorks Youth Apprentices Oliver Orue and Ella Emanual and multi-media artist and illustrator Lizzy DuQuette. ArtWorks is seeking applicants for its new Jump Start program for up-and-coming artists to receive $5,000 stipends.

Investing in artists creates a vibrant community: ArtWorks launches Jump Start

The program is open to artists who are 26 years or older, who are in the early stages of their creative development and aspire to create a large-scale project.

Video Bobby Boone &Access

& Co. [VIDEO] featuring Bobby Boone on Retail Districts

Yard & Company launches a limited video podcast series focused on sharing solutions, ideas and interventions related to COVID-19’s impact on cities.

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Head in the clouds: Kroger Pilot Tom Pavlik soars through ups and downs

Pavlik has seen economic highs and lows but has managed to keep his job through the pandemic.

Feature Story City Heights dates to 1953, another era in public housing.

Covington's City Heights: an invisible city

The City Heights housing project is a mystery to many, a shadow community within the city of Covington, out of sight and mind.

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A silent graduation: how college seniors feel about their final semester

After the sudden — and prolonged — stay-at-home orders, the class of 2020 feels robbed of their final year of college.

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Drew and Lea Lachey offer access to the arts and mentorship through their nonprofit

After leaving L.A. to raise their family in Cincinnati, the Lacheys worked with their alma mater, the School of Creative and Performing Arts, to teach classes and start a camp.

Feature Story Ritte's Corner is the focal point of Latonia's revival.

The historic neighborhood of Latonia is reimagining itself as a 21st century walkable community

Horse racing’s hold on Latonia is long gone, but unique small businesses have started to repopulate the community.

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Coping with COVID-19

How the Cincinnati region is pivoting in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by coming together to raise funds, helping those who need it the most, innovating solutions, and creating ways to keep us sane using steady, good-humored resolve. #IMGCOVID19

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