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The Public City: Why public spaces are essential to our physical, political, and social health

The quality of a city’s public places – its parks, streets, trails, commons and greens – are increasingly considered a barometer of the quality of life in an urban area.

Partner Content Students at the Miami University Design Build Studio

Designing with Community: Does Engagement Matter?

Professional architects believe that they have a responsibility to make a positive impact on society, specifically through equitable and inclusive engagement.

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As an era in public housing nears an end, what's next for City Heights?

The decision to close the housing project comes at a time when the region is in the midst of a long-term shortage of affordable housing.

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Peerro is the pipeline between high school and gainful employment

Rachel Angel developed the app to show students where they can start and where they can succeed in their careers.

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Bellevue: A river city where the old meets the new

With four new restaurants on the way, new housing, a major riverfront development on the drawing board, and a proud history, Bellevue is remaking itself again.  

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Why cities matter now more than ever

As the nation becomes more diverse, and we cope with a shifting, pandemic-influenced world, issues of justice, inclusion, and equity have taken center stage. The stakes for cities that want to continue growing are high.

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Going the Distance: Karen Schlosser won’t let obstacles keep her from the Ironman

The local Realtor has never been a runner — but she is a biker, swimmer, and walker. Despite obstacles from a broken pelvis, she plans to compete in Chattanooga’s triathlon this month.

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What will Airport 2.0 be like? It's taking shape at CVG

Following the opening of the Amazon Air hub, more changes are expected in coming months, including a new rental car facility, more carriers, and news about high-tech research and development.

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IKRON goes beyond mental health treatment, offering community, classes, and assistance with job help

The organization — which has been around for more than 50 years — partners with other providers in the region to help people struggling get back on their feet.  

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The Multifamily Multiverse: The challenging and conflicting demands of the marketplace

Although the housing market was largely unaffected by the pandemic, designers are seeing new trends in building.

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