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American Sign Museum expands to share more history and really BIG signs

American Sign Museum is a visually compelling testament to the artistry and diversity that signs provide for on-premises advertising.

Video AYV Wordplay List

WordPlay believes in the power of self-expression to heal and protect [VIDEO]

Through poetry, story telling, and other forms of self-expression, WordPlay works to empower youth and build resilience in the face of mental health challenges. 

Feature Story madeira

Metro's sales tax increase can improve streets, sidewalks, bridges in the county's small towns

Tens of millions have been awarded to projects outside the city of Cincinnati, making the tax a significant source of funding for small towns.

Feature Story Known for his writing and as an accredited film critic on Rotten Tomatoes, tt stern-enzi has served as the Artistic Director for the Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival since 2021.

Truth and Innovation Artist Showcase provides platform for underrepresented artists

“It's about celebrating diversity, promoting equity, and creating a more inclusive arts community," says Showcase curator, Michael Thompson.

Feature Story mentalhealth

Something to say: Powerful self-expression supports mental health in teens

Giving voice to teens and creating ways to express themselves is seen as one way to head off depression, anxiety, even suicide among youth.    

Feature Story A variety of soaps at Lemonwood Soap Co.

Soap making is good, clean fun and good business too

Two local soap makers provide insight into how they create fragrant, long-lasting bars of soap and what drives their professional passions.

Feature Story lockland

Together again: Towns work to reconnect neighborhoods divided by trains and automobiles

Six neighboring communities are figuring out how to restore the small-town connections they enjoyed before the interstate highway and the railroad carved them up.

Feature Story Norwood / Factory 52 - The Resilience of an Industrial Town tour.

Build the City, But for Whom?

The recent CNU-32 event has left its mark on the Cincinnati region with strategic plans for [4] communities: Amelia, Camp Washington, Norwood and Xenia.

Longform Cincy Black Walk of Fame

A walk through Cincinnati’s rich history of Black musicians

Meet the super-charged project participants that got it built. Cincinnati's Black Music Walk of Fame; the latest gem to grace the riverfront.  

Feature Story hughes

How to bridge the gaps in mental health care? One way is students helping students

Peer counselors, youth advisory boards, and student researchers are filling gaps in the mental health network, serving as sounding boards, gathering information, and practicing early intervention.

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