Feature Story The Greenway is a 1.5 mile-long watercourse and walking path situated between the two main drags in South Fairmount.

A green solution to water pollution could also mark the beginning of rebirth for a neighborhood

The Greenway, a 1.5 mile-long watercourse and walking path situated between the two main drags in South Fairmount, is a feat of green engineering that goes a long way toward fixing one of the region’s biggest environmental challenges.

Feature Story JonathanAdlerList.jpg

The history of the Electoral College: What is it and why do we use it?

Neither the U.S. Constitution nor federal law requires electors to vote for the presidential candidate in their own political parties. Those who vote against their party’s candidate are known as “faithless electors.”

Feature Story Dr. Julia Carter founded Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory 40 years ago.

Independent lab in the heart of Newport has been fighting cancer for 40 years

Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory has been probing the root causes of the most deadly forms of the disease, as well as educating the next generation.

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They work to bring neighborhoods back, a step at a time

A small group of urbanists has been mapping, repairing, and cleaning alleys and the steps that traverse the city's hilly neighborhoods since 2012.

Feature Story ironworks-tiktok-list

Social media influence a huge draw for local businesses

Lines of customers at Ironworks Waffle Cafe in COhatch The Market went through the building and out the door in January after a viral TikTok featured the restaurant.

Feature Story julie pile

From PTA to ParentCamp: Florence mom goes national

The ParentCamp idea: Engaged parents lead to engaged students, which lead to engaged communities.

Special Report groundwater

Diving into the Groundwater: Exploring the depths of racism

Groundwater, a racial equity workshop offered by Greater Cincinnati Foundation, challenges assumptions about race, history, and society, and presents difficult truths about the institutions that form the core of our communities.

Feature Story RevTerryList.jpg

Making peace in Pleasant Ridge: One pastor’s journey to save a progressive church

Reverend Derek Terry didn't start his career intending to be a spokesperson for Black, gay clergy. But his journey from Louisville to Cincinnati — and the events of his life in between — led him there.

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Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank fills gap in government services

This local nonprofit was founded five years ago when a Cincinnati mom discovered no diaper bank existed in our region.

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Ohio Civics Essential: A look back at our state’s presidents and how they shaped today’s parties

During this presidential inaugural season, a look back at inaugural speeches by the eight presidents from Ohio shows that each had plenty to say, rightly or wrongly, about issues that still resonate today, like elections, balance of power, race, immigration and foreign policy.

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Coping with COVID-19

How the Cincinnati region is making it work during the COVID-19 pandemic by coming together to help those who need it the most, creating innovative solutions, and finding ways to keep us sane using our steady, good-humored resolve.#IMGCOVID19

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