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Technology helps communities and organizations get the word out about ballot issues

Part of the responsibility of information gathering still lies with the voters — especially in rural areas — but there are people trying to get the information out through as many channels as possible.

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How a neighborhood that said “No” to everything became one that says “Yes”

Ten years ago, Westwood was so divided that community leaders suggested seceding from Cincinnati.

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When the world shut down, Westwood created a safety net for kids and families in need

It didn’t happen overnight, but thanks to pre-existing asset maps of community services, residents created a bank of resources and ideas for maintaining community connections.

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Challenged by uncertainty, Ohioans become creative, find hope in new ideas

Local organizations and businesses reimagine their roles and responsibilities during the pandemic.

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As small firms shutter due to COVID, some have adapted. Here’s how they did it.

Quick pivots and outside-of-the-box thinking helped these local businesses survive.

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Rapidly growing Gamble High School is a rarity in the neighborhood

There are only about 25 Montessori High Schools in the country, with two in Cincinnati. West Side parents appreciate the child-led, self-paced, collaborative learning model offered through the program.

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Dreams deferred: Ohioans say pandemic exposed leadership failures that hurt the future

In the latest Your Voice Ohio conversations, residents express concern over job growth, livable wages, and affordable housing and education.

Feature Story Alina Campan is NKU's inaugural STRAWS Professor of Computer Science.

Interview: How fake news spreads on social media

NKU Professor Alina Campan collaborates with faculty in NKU’s journalism, computer science, and statistics departments to understand the spreading of disinformation on social media.

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Voting 201: Options in Ohio, plus myths debunked

Now more than ever, your voice needs to be heard. Here’s how to do it safely and on time.

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Creating an inviting culture in Westwood

Local business owners set up shop, hoping to anchor the community’s development.

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Voting 201: Election series

Where do you go to learn about local issues? How does your vote get counted when you vote absentee? What do the judges on the ballot do and why is it important not to skip voting in the judicial races? All this + more in #civicsessential

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