Feature Story Brother Paul Quenon

A monk shares his lessons from a life of quiet contemplation

Social distancing is new to many of us, but for Brother Paul Quenon, it’s been his life for 61 years.

Feature Story MansfieldCommissionerList.jpg

Agreeing to disagree: How can we put civility back into civic discourse?

Ohio groups are trying to turn the heat down on political discussion and find the ability to compromise that once made America and its political system a model for the world.

Feature Story COVID19List.jpg

Lessons from Hong Kong: A former Ohio resident explains how DeWine’s response can help curb COVID-19

There’s a lot of information — and misinformation — out there. We’ve rounded up the facts for staying safe and healthy, plus a few ways to support Cincinnati’s economy.

Feature Story PeaceCornerList.png

Home with your kids? Make the most of it.

Liz McEwan, regular Soapbox contributor and homeschooling mom with four children, shares her survival tips for the upcoming weeks.

Feature Story AmyBradyKitchenList.jpg

Hunky Dory Studios in Finneytown showcases the juxtaposition between darkness and light

Amy Flesher creates glassworks in her renovated midcentury modern home that pays homage to both the past and the present.

Feature Story Spfld_RodHat_City_List.jpg

How businesses, residents are paying homage to Springfield’s roots while looking ahead to the future

A declining population combined with an increase in vacant homes and businesses hit the city hard and compounded its struggles. In recent years, though, community leaders and regional organizations have come together to revitalize and rebuild.

Feature Story VinniList.jpg

Vinni Brown has designs on Cincinnati

The native interior designer and realtor with Coldwell Banker has lived in California, Connecticut, Texas, and France but decided to move herself — and her business — home.

Feature Story HCCCList.jpg

Keeping government honest: Know your rights when requesting public records

Not all elected officials — particularly those on the local level — realize that citizens have access to how they conduct business.

Feature Story ChrisGibbsList.jpg

Tariffs, trade, and taxes: How businesses are coping

The Trump administration’s price increases on imports from China have hurt local factories. Here’s how they’re fighting back.

Feature Story Brit Fitzpatrick leads Tri-ED's Blue North entrepreneurship program.

Blue North's mission is to build a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem in Northern Kentucky

Tri-ED created the program to help startups and small businesses find the connections, mentors, and funding they need to succeed.

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Upscale real estate surges in Cincinnati

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