Longform This is Mondragon

The trip to Mondragon: Home of the world’s largest co-op

The delegation from Cincinnati and Dayton came back with clear next steps on how they want to bring work-ownership to the next level in southwest Ohio.  

Feature Story cemetery

Preserving the City: Important sites of Black history need attention to keep their stories alive

Preserving sites of Black history, and raising awareness of them, has become more urgent as the pressures of commercial development increase, the city and the nation wrestle with the legacy of their racial histories, and racial antagonism continues to taint our public life and politics.  

Innovation News Blis Hanousek Devault is director of Xavier University's DIFT program (Digital Innovation, Film and Television. Her film, "A Slice of Pie: A Love Story," is a festival entry.

OTR International Film Festival announces 2023 lineup

"A Slice Of Pie: A Love Story," a documentary by Xavier professor Blis Hanousek Devault, is among the lineup for this year's Over-The-Rhine International Film Festival.

Development News The decor and aesthetics of Fort Thomas Coffee more closely resemble a hotel lobby or reception hall than a coffee house.

Fort Thomas Coffee energizes its community

A successful coffeehouse doesn’t just sell you a product; it offers a comfortable space and meets you where you are.

Development News farms

Regional economic development organizations win national job creation awards

In 2022, businesses announced plans to add nearly 6,000 new jobs in the 16-county tri-state region.

Development News Kei Slaughter list

Celebrating the LGBTQ+ music community in Cincinnati and beyond

Vincenzo Volpe, a fellow flutist from CCM commissioned Kei Slaughter, Berklee College of Music assoc. professor of music therapy to compose new work based on recent anti-trans legislation.

Feature Story ghills

Greenhills: A New Deal historic landmark strives to attract new residents with community and safety

Eighty-five years after its settlement, Greenhills is trying to balance its historic legacy with the changing tastes and demands of 21st century America.

Feature Story An actual opening is expected later this month after the clinic receives its final certificate of occupancy.

Samaritan Car Care Clinic scales up Covington operation to help low-income drivers

The Samaritan garage is an answer to a pastor’s directive and a community need as a regional economic development strategy to support transportation.

Feature Story O'neal-Turner decided to paint again and focused on painting youth during the COVID pandemic.

Artist and founding director Toilynn O'Neal-Turner leads ROMAC's preservation and transformation

A native of Cincinnati, O’Neal-Turner was born into a family who existed where art and community intersected.

Development News bike

Time to ride! Free, pop-up bike workshops provide needed repairs

Experienced bike mechanics volunteer their time to inspect and repair bicycles and get them ready to ride.

Development News Ukrainian runners; Vadym Kovalenko, left, and Maksym Pasichnyk, right, at the Flying Pig Marathon.

Ukrainian ironman and wounded warrior participate in Flying Pig Marathon

Running to raise awareness and money for a planned clinic to treat PTSD among soldiers, veterans and civilians.

Development News be. is a feel-good market at 1 Wyoming Avenue

Positive vibes resonate through Wyoming with teacher wellness program and expansion of be.

A new program at Wyoming City Schools empowers teachers and staff to unburden stress in healthy ways and sow positivity and self-acceptance into students.

Feature Story farm

City of Agriculture: An old, urban factory is now a site for high-tech farming

One of 80 Acres’ first efforts at controlled-environment agriculture is a consummate example of how old, urban, industrial sites can be transformed into new, viable uses.

Feature Story HamCtynextgenlist

Hamilton County voters elected a next generation to lead in key roles

Next gen leaders Crowley, Kelly, Parikh, and Schiller stress technology and cooperation for transformative times.

Innovation News Rebecca Fannin list

Rebecca Fannin, renowned author of Silicon Heartland, visits Union Hall

Changes over the past decade are turning the Midwest from a rust belt to a tech-hub.

Development News artist

Life's purpose for Duncanson artist: 'Leave my portion of the world better than the way I found it'

Themes of belonging, journey and history punctuated Anita Graef’s two-week residency, which culminates April 29 with a concert at Covington’s Carnegie arts center.

Development News banksy

'Banksyland' is coming to town. But the artist says it's 'not consensual'

Banksy gained fame as a graffiti artist, adheres to an anti-capitalist philosophy, and does not copyright his public graffiti and street art.

Development News Architecture Matters panel: top - Scott Hand; bottom l to r - Matthew Spangler, Chad Kohler, moderator Sanyog Rathod. Fort Lewis SOF barracks, courtesy Burgess & Niple

Building a better environment: An Architecture Matters panel discussion

If you’re curious about how to encourage better buildings, this is the program for you.

Feature Story train

After East Palestine, local leaders ask: Are we ready for a disaster like that?

For the towns, cities, villages, and townships around Greater Cincinnati, preparing for and responding to disasters is a priority, often accomplished with limited means.

Partner Content Fort Lewis SOF barracks list.jpg

Building a better environment

There isn’t a single solution to the challenges of greening our built environment but improving the sustainability of existing and future buildings can be done.