Health + Wellness

Innovation News Bexion’s new drug has shown promise in treating brain cancer and other cancers.

First patient dosed in Bexion cancer drug trial

Development News “The Beauty of Peace” mural spans three walls that face Minot and Brownway streets.

A peaceful scene grows in Oakley

Development News Under the shade of the many beech trees on the site, it came to be known as Beech Acres, and later, Beech Acres Parenting Center.

Beech Acres moves back to the urban core

Cincy In The News Main intersection in Madeira.

Pedestrian safety across Ohio

Feature Story Closeup Chris Carr and Wade Johnston

The Queen City receives her CROWN

Cincinnati takes an innovative and collaborative approach to getting fit and staying well. The city is home to health initiatives that use our extensive park systems, waterways, and networks of multipurpose trails. Interact for Health has historical community health data to help organizations in the Cincinnati region transform their neighborhoods to support well-being. And with terrific YMCA locations and neighborhood recreation centers all over town, plentiful farm markets, plus restaurants and supermarkets that feature locally sourced foods, you'll find plenty of ways to stay healthy here. According to the 2023 Wallet Hub study of the healthiest cities in America, Cincinnati ranks 37th across 43 key indicators of good health.