NITRO! Bootcamp returns to ‘supercharge’ minority-owned businesses

When a founder first starts their business, they begin with high goals and dreams. One of the fastest-growing groups of American companies is BIPOC and/or women-owned small businesses. Starting your business, though, can be tricky without the access you need. NITRO, initially started in 2019 by Cintrifuse, provides minority and women entrepreneurs with the tech skills and knowledge they need to start successful businesses.

As a network of entrepreneurs, investors, enthusiasts, and more, Cintrifuse knows the power of startups. They strive to assist small businesses in learning, thriving, and expanding, and the NITRO Bootcamp is one such example.

For BIPOC and women founders, a lack of technical knowledge presents a real setback. Without tech-enabled solutions or the capacity to fully use them, minority-owned businesses remain significantly smaller in scale to their counterparts. Being able to use the latest technology can not only help their business be more efficient but also enable them to expand. During a 1-day program of sessions in November, small business owners and their employees will be getting hands-on training on the software licenses they will receive. For 6 months afterwards, program trainers will check in with the founders to make sure the knowledge is helping their businesses.

The program will cover a variety of topics, including accounting, communication, project management, document cloud shortage, inventory, and more.
The relaunch of NITRO! Bootcamp is a testament to our commitment to driving economic growth, attracting investment, and unlocking the full potential of our region's innovation ecosystem. 

- Pete Blackshaw, Cintrifuse CEO

Applications for the NITRO program are currently open. Twenty-five companies will be selected to participate. The qualifications for a startup hoping to apply are few. The business must be woman- or minority-owned, located in Greater Cincinnati, have three or more employees, and have average annual sales of $100,000 up to $1 million over the last three years. You can apply or nominate a small business here.
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