Jerome Wilson, Northside Grange Pet & Urban Supply

Northside Grange Pet & Urban Supply offers Northside dog, cat, backyard poultry and wild bird food and supplies, along with assorted gear for the urban farmer. Founded by Jerome Wilson after he moved to Cincinnati, this shop is an excellent resource for local-minded shoppers.
Why did you decide to open up this kind of shop?
I moved to Cincinnati from a more walkable place, where I could get everything I needed without ever getting in a car. Northside had a lot of great shops on The Avenue, but was lacking in some of the basic everyday necessities, like a place to get dog food and cat treats. I also am very enthusiastic about urban food production. The first thing I did when I bought my house in Northside was to plant a vegetable garden in the front yard. My neighbors loved it; they would stop by all summer to talk about gardens their parents or grandparents once had. I thought I could put the two needs together into a shop that has everything for the urban homesteader, like an urban Tractor Supply.
Have you found any particularly useful resources that would benefit fellow entrepreneurs?  
The Ohio Business Gateway was actually very helpful. My accountant, Cindy Peters at Hartlaub Business Service has been wonderful. Also worth mentioning is the support I get on a daily basis from the Northside business community at large. All the independent shops in the neighborhood look out for one another.
How would you describe your clientele?
Friends and neighbors, animal lovers and plant lovers.
What's next for your business?
Finally rolling out the website! We're also working hard to get ready for the Spring planting season.

Interview by Sean M. Peters