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Katie Garber

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What do you do in your new position at Artworks?
My focus is on supporting creative entrepreneurship in Cincinnati. Whether creatives need business model training, like our CO.STARTERS class, or are looking for funding to grow their business, like our ArtWorks Big Pitch event, the Creative Enterprise team is committed to helping form a solid ecosystem for starting a business in Cincinnati.   
What do you like best about this job?
Being a former creative entrepreneur, I get to take what I learned and encourage others in their own path into entrepreneurship. After graduating from DAAP, I opened a vintage shop [Atomic Number Ten] on Main Street in Over-the-Rhine. After being in business for four and half years, I decided to close the shop with the goal of finding a gig that I could help others start their own businesses. Luckily, it all came together in my role at ArtWorks.  
What's great about living/working in Cincinnati?
First of all, it’s my home; I was born and raised here. I may not have always seen its potential, but now I’ve come to appreciate Cincinnatians’ hardworking, down-to-earth attitudes and the passion and support they are capable of showing for their city. And that’s what’s kept me here. Plus, there are so many amazing people putting their heart and souls into making Cincinnati a vibrant place to live and own a business, and I’m grateful to get to be a part of that transition.   
What part of town do you live in, and what do you most like about the neighborhood in which you live?
I live in Over-the-Rhine and have been here almost five years now. Besides having an awesome community of residents and business owners, I like that it’s never boring. I’m constantly noticing new things about the neighborhood, and it’s inspiring to see how much it’s already grown since I first moved here.

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Job Title: Director of Creative Enterprise
Company: ArtWorks
College: University of Cincinnati, Industrial Design (DAAP), Cincinnati, OH

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