Farm Fresh Delivery expands to Cincinnati, donates one ton of organic produce to the Free Store

Today more people are waking up to the need for a healthy diet than ever before. 

Thankfully there's a convenient new solution for those struggling to maintain a healthy, certified organic diet.  As of April 6, Indianapolis-based Farm Fresh Delivery delivers the organic goods needed for a balanced diet to your Cincinnati doorstep.

Farm Fresh began in Indianapolis a year and a half ago.  Now the one-stop online organic shop has 1,000 weekly customers in Indianapolis – a loyal base built entirely by word of mouth.

The secret of Farm Fresh's success is its locally focused approach to doing business.  Drawing from a network of farmers and artisans Farm Fresh delivers year-round fresh certified organic produce and artisan foods – local when possible – to its loyal customers on a weekly basis.

Free of preservatives, additives and artificial flavors, "we provide over 300 products on our website that range from local frozen meats, dairy and cheeses, fresh baked bread, bulk products, farm fresh eggs, locally roasted fair trade organic coffee and much more," says Matt Ewer, co-owner of Farm Fresh. 

Alongside these products, Farm Fresh has also launched its own line of order-made products called Feel Good Foods.  Items in this line include salsas, fresh hummus and dips, kasha bars (energy bars), and more; all made by Executive Chef Brandon Hamilton.

And for those seeking guidance on healthy eating, Fresh Farm also offers a weekly newsletter, The Health Times, which features recipes devised by staff nutritionist and co-owner Beth Blessing and Hamilton.

Ewer sees their expansion to Cincinnati as a natural progression for Farm Fresh.  Alongside building a Midwestern network of family-owned farms and food artisans, the founders of Farm Fresh have personal ties to Cincinnati.

"We have friends and family in Cincinnati dedicated to helping us grow with community," Ewer says. 

Included in these close ties are regional manager John Freeland and Ewer's high school friends Mike and Kristen Baker, who work for the Cincinnati United Way and the Center for Great Neighborhoods, respectively.

These ties are more than personal.  Ewer credits this local focus for Farm Fresh's success and sees this approach as a significant engine for economic growth.

"Organic produce is also geared more towards smaller family farms," Ewer says.  "Farm Fresh Delivery is a family run business that supports other family run businesses.  One of our main messages is local economy.  I think lack of support for our local businesses has been a source of the economic problems facing the United States."

Walking the talk, Farm Fresh is dedicated to community giving.  In total, they have already donated over seven tons of food to the Gleaners Food Bank in Indianapolis.  And they're extending this generosity to Cincinnati as well. 

"We take very seriously our commitment to giving back to community," Ewer says.  "Our first delivery to Cincinnati was a one ton fresh produce donation to the Free Store."  

To check out the offerings and services available through Farm Fresh's customizable online shop, visit here.


Writer:  Jonathan DeHart
Source:  Mike Baker, Matt Ewer