85 Broads comes to Cincinnati

Cincinnati’s broads soon will join the ranks of 20,000 high-powered professional women across the globe with a local chapter of 85 Broads, the cheeky moniker for the networking organization founded by women who worked for NYC's Goldman Sachs.

85 Broads, founded in 1997, takes its name from the 85 Broad Street address of Goldman Sachs. The exclusive organization has 27 regional chapters worldwide, representing women from 82 countries.

“Over the past decade, 85 Broads expanded its membership to include women who are alumnae and students of the world's leading colleges, universities, and graduate schools worldwide. Our members are located in 82 countries around the world and work for thousands of for-profit companies and not-for-profit organizations,” said Jessica Deye, founder and co-president of 85 Broads Cincinnati. Deye, a process analyst for Kroger Co, and Adhrucia Apana, Junior Consultant for Artesiaa Global Management, co-founded the chapter.

The organization will have a kickoff event Sept. 1 at the Vineyard Café Wineroom on Hyde Park Square. Event Hostesses includes Deye and Apana, Patricia Gibson President/PMG Communications, Vanessa Freytag, Executive Director of The Women’s Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, Cincinnati Councilwoman Laketa Cole and others.

So why was Cincinnati the latest city to come into the 85 Broads fold?

“Cincinnati has immense social, intellectual, and leadership capital in its women. This city never ceases to amaze me in the women I meet and the fantastic things they are accomplishing," Deye says. "Upon graduation from college, I was interested in joining a networked organization of strong, empowered women in the Cincinnati community. Although the city boasts a handful of fabulous women's organizations and initiatives, they are independent and splintered; not aligned in a single purpose and vision. By bringing 85 Broads to Cincinnati, we hope to create a much needed central organization.”

85 Broads isn’t just a place to kick back and have drinks with the ladies. It offers professional networking in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic setting.

“Through the global organization, I was recently connected with an MBA Admissions Consultant (Betsy Massar of Master Admissions) who attended Harvard Business School and is now living across the country in Berkeley, CA. We have been in conversation over the past few weeks regarding my applications to graduate school. Without the 85 Broads network, I never would have had the opportunity to connect with Betsy. The global organization is abound with fascinating, intelligent women like Betsy who want to network without borders, and I am so excited to be bringing this to Cincinnati,” Deye said.

For more information about the new chapter go to the 85 Broads Cincinnati web site or e-mail [email protected]. You can also follow the chapter on Twitter.

Writer: Feoshia Henderson
Sources: Jessica Deye and Adhrucia Apana 85 Broads Cincinnati chapter co-founders and co-presidents

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