Bad Girl Ventures winner Mommy's Dream Team prepares for rapid growth

In December 2013, Bad Girl Ventures (BGV) graduated its eighth class of entrepreneurs and named Mommy’s Dream Team the winner of its class, awarding the business a $25,000 grant. BGV is micro-lending nonprofit supporting female entrepreneurs in Cincinnati since 2010, and has since expanded to Cleveland and Columbus.
Mommy’s Dream Team is a night-nanny agency that helps newborns to get on a consistent sleeping/feeding schedule while allowing parents an opportunity to get quality rest through the night.
Although the business is new, having just completed its first year, Rachel Jones, founder of Mommy’s Dream Team, has quite a pedigree in the field.
“My mother and aunts worked as nannies and were asked to start doing overnight care about 18 years ago,” Jones says. “It got to the point where they were booked three to six months out purely through word of mouth.”
Six years ago, Rachel’s mother and aunts became nurses and trained her on overnight care. It was only when she discovered Bad Girl Ventures, about two years ago, that she decided to start her own agency.
“It’s a great program because they not only give you a general overview of what you will need to run a company, but they have you meet with experts in that field so you can ask questions specific to your business,” Jones says. “It is amazing the amount of free help and knowledge there is in the Cincinnati community, and so many people are willing to help you if you just reach out and ask.”
So far, Jones’ business has flourished with the aid of BGV and a dedicated clientele that is spreading the gospel of Mommy’s Dream Team.
“In our first year, we have doubled our projections,” Jones says. “Right now, one of the biggest challenges we're facing is keeping the quality we want while growing so rapidly.”
Jones has hired 12 employees in her first year and is looking to double her growth next year, open a second location and hire 10 more employees in the next two months. 

By Mike Sarason
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