The Cincinnati Art Museum is undergoing a number of changes in order to appeal to a wider audience

If it’s been a while since you last visited the Cincinnati Art Museum, consider setting aside an afternoon, or perhaps even a Thursday evening to get out and explore.
The museum is working hard to make art more enjoyable, but also more accessible to a wider audience.
The days of paid parking are no more. Beginning on Sept. 27, parking will be free of charge for anyone who wants to check out the 6,000 years of art history inside of the museum.
In addition to free parking, the museum is adding perks for members while also working hard to secure awe-inspiring special exhibitions.
Perhaps most exciting — particularly for those who work all day and can’t find that spare hour or two prior to 5 p.m. to relax and unwind — the museum will remain open until 8 p.m. every Thursday night, beginning on Nov. 3.
“By providing aspirational scholarly exhibitions, cultivating international partnerships, extending operating hours, facilitating access for all and expanding programs and membership benefits, we are embracing our community service role,” says Cameron Kitchin, Cincinnati Art Museum’s Louis and Louise Dieterle Nippert Director.
“These enhancements align with the needs of our creative city and position us to lead and innovate for today’s Cincinnati.”   

Do Good: 

•    Mark your calendar, and plan to visit the Cincinnati Art Museum. 

•    Consider a Cincinnati Art Museum membership.

•    Support the Cincinnati Art Museum by donating.


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