The Children's Home of Cincinnati expands early childhood mental health programming

With an expansion of the Early Childhood Day Treatment program, The Children’s Home of Cincinnati is now equipped to serve 120 children who are experiencing difficulty functioning — whether emotionally, developmentally, psychologically or behaviorally — in their homes, schools and communities.
With two new classrooms, The Children’s Home will now be able to start assisting families whose children have been wait-listed, as there will be space to host two additional morning and two additional afternoon sessions throughout the year.
While The Children’s Home offers Day Treatment for children ages 3-18, the Early Childhood Day Treatment focuses specifically on those between the ages of 3 and 8 and is the most intensive mental health program offered among that population.
According to The Children’s Home, the region is experiencing an increase in the number of young children with mental illness, so it’s important to ensure they receive the care and interventions needed for success and coping early on.
“The expansion of our Early Childhood Day Treatment program allows us to serve more children, support more families and meet more community needs,” says Adrienne James, a board member for The Children’s Home.
While the Early Childhood Day Treatment will allow more individuals to receive expressive and interactive behavioral therapy while also engaging in cooperative learning, the program — even with the two additional classrooms — is at capacity with more than 20 families remaining on the waitlist.
To fulfill its mission of transforming “the lives of vulnerable children by caring for their mental, physical and social wellbeing,” however, The Children’s Home will continue finding ways to support unmet needs.
The Children’s Home has plans to add a full-day integrated classroom — serving educational and mental health-related needs — slated to launch this fall and hopes to serve more than 200 children between the ages of 3-8 this year. 

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