Weekend in the City: cosmic comics + cocktails


What started out as a day I originally planned on finishing all the errands I put off all week, turned into a day of discovery in Over-the-Rhine. While waiting at the corner of Race and Findlay streets for our designated place to open, my friends and I noticed something else directly across the street: Cosmic Gorilla, a comic shop with cocktails.

How do you not go explore a place with a name like that?

Walking in, you see what you would expect: LEGO collector sets, a wall of board games for sale categorized by, “Things you haven’t heard of” and “I can’t believe you don’t own this yet,” and a row of stools at the front window for you to sit and read.

Be wary of Audrey II, she of Little Shop of Horrors fame.
A connecting room houses their collection of comic books and the infamous, human-eating Audrey II from “The Little Shop of Horrors.” Eek! If you can get past her without being eaten, you will make it to the end of the quest for a nice surprise: a bar called Capes + Cloaks.

The space is aptly named, considering it’s themed to celebrate all things fandom and fantasy. The drink menu consists of house-made cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike to offer a nice variety.

To beat the heat, I ordered Dumbledore’s Butterbeer, a drink made popular from the Harry Potter books. It’s a tasty concoction of Goslings dark rum, frozen butterbeer (think cream soda and butterscotch), and marshmallow cream on top.

Treat yourself to a frozen Butterbeer, a house-made cocktail of dark rum, frozen butterbeer and marshmallow cream.If you prefer something non-alcoholic, try the Pym Particles, (the reason Paul Rudd can get really big and really small in Ant-Man.) This delectable treat is a combination of cold brew coffee with almond milk, peanut butter fluff and Cocoa Puffs to top it off.

You can rent a board game for $20 to play with your crew, catch the latest Marvel film on one of two TVs, or just hope you finish your drink before the life-sized Darth Vader actually comes to life.

For more fun, keep an eye on the bar’s Instagram to know what they’re showing for their weekly Wednesday watch nights or the next trivia event!

For exact address and hours visit gorillaverse.com
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