Jobs Landed: Betsy Newman

SCORE Greater Cincinnati Selects Betsy Newman as Executive Director
Hyde Park resident is author, speaker, business consultant 

Betsy Newman of Hyde Park, a speaker, business consultant and author of five leadership and career-enhancing books, has been selected executive director for the greater Cincinnati SCORE chapter

“Her role will be to take SCORE to even higher levels of achievement and recognition,” said Bill Haman, SCORE counselor and selection committee chair.  “The director’s position will strengthen our internal operation and consistency and externally enhance our standing and prestige in the community.”

Greater Cincinnati SCORE is one of the nation’s most active and acclaimed. The chapter won National SCORE Chapter of the Year in 2005. Two Cincinnati SCORE clients achieved national recognition in 2013 for SCORE Outstanding Woman-Owned Small Business and SCORE Outstanding Non-Profit.

“Betsy’s credentials, qualifications, references and connections in the community make her an outstanding selection for the position,” said Jim Stahly, incoming SCORE chapter chair. “In her private consulting company she has been engaged by P&G, Fidelity, Dow Jones. GE, Bethesda Hospital, Deloitte & Touche, and Xavier University.”

In 2012, Newman completed a five-year contract with Cygnus Corp. as director of a $10 million government project. She has also been a keynote speaker at 100-plus conferences and seminars.

She was a nominee for the Enquirer’s Woman of the Year and YWCA Career Woman of Achievement awards and serves on numerous community boards. Nearly 100 working and retired executives volunteer to counsel entrepreneurs and in-business owners throughout  southwest Ohio, northern Kentucky and southeast Indiana in marketing, operations and finance through individual and group counseling sessions and low-cost and no-cost seminars. This year, national SCORE celebrates 50 years of assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners with advice on managing their business challenges.
"As a group we possess the expertise to help virtually any business of any size in any industry,” said Mike Martin, SCORE chapter chairman.  “Our members enjoy helping small business owners see more clearly the pathway to success.  They are individuals who have achieved success in their own careers and place great value on giving back to their communities."

For more information about greater Cincinnati SCORE, its counseling, team mentoring, and seminars and workshops, go to or call (513) 684-2812. 
Job Title: Executive Director
Company: Greater Cincinnati SCORE
Lives In: Hyde Park

Greater Cincinnati SCORE

525 Vine St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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