Jobs Landed: Jake Hawkins

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What do you do in your new position at Copperfox Marketing?
I help clients develop messages for a variety of mediums, ensuring that communications remain effective, efficient and value-added.
What do you like best about this job?
I am really excited about the variety that comes with working for an agency. It is great to switch between vastly different clients multiple times a day. It keeps my brain moving and learning.
What's great about living/working in Cincinnati? 
Cincinnati has a rich culture, and I enjoy the pride it has in its own identity. The worst quality one can have is apathy, and that doesn’t seem to be a trait common in Cincinnati.
What part of town do you live in, and what do you most like about the neighborhood in which you live? 
I currently live in Northern Kentucky, residual of my previous position. I like it for the duality it offers, but enjoy crossing the bridge often for work and fun.

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Job Title: PR + Content Strategist
Company: Copperfox Marketing
College: Transylvania University, Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Writing, Rhetoric and Communication, Lexington, KY
Lives In: Northern Kentucky

Copperfox Marketing

3665 Erie Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45208
Copperfox Marketing is a full-service marketing agency located in East Hyde Park. We help clients with everything from public relations to advertising campaigns, employee engagement, social media and content development. Copperfox Marketing is a nationally certified woman-owned business (WBE) and is a City of Cincinnati SBE (Small Business Enterprises).

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