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What do you do in your new position at FRCH?
I work on many different projects within the specialty retail architecture studio. I coordinate on the production of construction documents for multiple clients.
What do you like best about this job?
This is a new job experience for me. Most of the projects I have worked on with previous companies have been long-term projects, one to two years, whereas these projects are completed in two to three months while working on seven to eight projects at the same time. It is very exciting and constantly keeps me on my toes.
What's great about living/working in Cincinnati?
Cincinnati is a great city. Having grown up in West Chester and attending college at the University of Cincinnati, I have been able to see the city truly come to be a place all its own. Everywhere you turn there is a new building, or an old site is being renovated to provide a new use to the community. It is great to be able to see something new every time you turn a corner.
What part of town do you live in, and what do you most like about the neighborhood in which you live?
I live in North College Hill. It is a small community with great access to the city. It is also a fairly walkable community allowing me to get outside and enjoy everything around and get into all the mom and pop shops that are still around there.

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Job Title: Project Coordinator
Company: FRCH Design Worldwide
College: University of Cincinnati College of Applied Science, Engineering Technology, Cincinnati, OH
Lives In: North College Hill

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