CinciMedia: Paying by the page for website development must end

CinciMedia, global provider of interactive media design and development services, has declared that the days of paying by the page for website design and development need to end.

As developer of the JustPageIt Content Management System (CMS), CinciMedia says that "pay by the page" inhibits the true exploitation of the Internet as an information dissemination medium by tying the number of pages a client wants on its website directly to the cost of designing and developing the website.

CinciMedia's says that their CMS-generated websites cost the same whether they're 20 pages, 50 pages, or 200 pages because they're not hard-coded; rather, they're generated on the fly by merging a custom template with client-generated, database-stored content.

Because clients don't need to have more pages hard-coded when they make website changes, the site's content can stay fresh with no additional cost.

Read the full release here.
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