AcuPOLL Germinator proves it can change way companies develop ideas

A new AcuPOLL white paper proves that their Germinator process is changing the way companies develop new product ideas and which of those are put before consumers.

Germinator, which is just over one year old, allows marketers to compare ideas to a dynamic "Sprout" database, allowing brand executives to uncover whether consumers believe the benefit they are offering is important.

The fast, cost-effective process can turn out reports in less than 48 hours after data collection.

"Many of the more new, edgy or different ideas are left at the drawing board and never make the cut to testing, and ironically, those are often some of the truly inspired and best ideas," AcuPOLL CEO Jack Gordon tells PR Newswire.  "Germinator now makes it possible to test these ideas based on insights and discover which ideas are best to focus on for further development."

Read the full release here.
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