Cincinnati native tackles hunger and food waste

At a recent conference in Indiana, Cincinnati chef and founder of La Soupe, Suzy, DeYoung, asked a crowd of 240 about their passions. According to her, everyone has a passion that can make the world better.

In 2014, after running La Petite Pierre with her sister and watching how much food went to waste at a nearby Kroger, DeYoung decided to take action. After getting permission to use the food that would otherwise go to waste, she found a 900-square-foot kitchen and started La Soupe to feed people living in food insecure communities, particularly kids in local schools.

The program has taken off and now, more than 400 volunteers make and deliver 75 five-gallon buckets of soup per week, and DeYoung teaches kids how to cook using donated crockpots — since not everyone has a stove and a microwave — and ingredients.

Now DeYoung dreams of whole neighborhoods learning to cook with crockpots because “food is necessary.”

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