Vegan soul food: How one Cincinnati couple completely changed their diet

After Jamaal Kelly had a minor health scare, his wife Lisa revamped their diet. After he returned from the hospital, he discovered that she had thrown out all their food and that they were vegan.

After Jamaal lost 70 pounds in three months, friends took interest in their new diet, so Lisa started cooking for other people as well. That led the couple to open a food truck, “Vegan Treats, Meats and Eats,” including everything from mac and cheese to chicken wings. Jamaal, a culinary-trained cook, says that people swear the food doesn’t taste vegan but he uses Gardein meat as a base and uses a secret combination of marinades, seasonings, and cooking methods to make it taste like comfort food.

The couple hopes to expand and go to areas of the city where healthier foods are harder to come by.

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