220 young people will gain employment under Youth Jobs Initiative

More than 200 youth between 16 and 21 will go to work this summer as part of the City of Cincinnati's Youth Employment Initiative. The initiative includes five different programs through the Cincinnati Parks Department, Recreation Commission, and ArtWorks. "Providing our youth with quality employment opportunities is one of the most important things that we can do for the future of our city,” says Mayor Mark Mallory.

 The program incudes jobs in the Cincinnati Parks Department that will match youth with park employee mentors; a junior counselor program in the Cincinnati Recreation Commission to give employment opportunities to 14 year olds; a Recreation Employment Corps in the Cincinnati Recreation Commission that will hire interns to help run rec centers; entry-level positions in the CRC Outdoor Maintenance Division; and MuralWorks youth artist mural program administered by ArtWorks.
The city is investing $420,000 to employment opportunities through the Mayor’s Youth Employment Initiative and is investing a total of $1 million on youth employment in 2008.

Writer: David Holthaus
Source: Jason Barron, City of Cincinnati

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