$17 million in state grants will help clean up brownfields

About $17 million is available in the latest round of state funding to help clean up and improve brownfields, the abandoned or underused properties that may harbor decades-old environmental problems. Individual grants of up to $3 million are available to buy property, demolish old buildings, conduct environmental cleanup, and improve infrastructure for a brownfield property. Counties, townships, municipalities, port authorities and park or conservancy districts are eligible to apply to the Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund, a $200 million program approved by Ohio voters in 2000.  Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher says the grants are "an excellent resource to help revitalize Ohio’s older communities in particular."
A recent Cincinnati-area example: Two Clean Ohio grants secured by the Village of Lockland, Hamilton County Development Co. and the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority to improve a former manufacturing site in Lockland.

The deadline to apply for the latest round of funding is August 25. An additional $17 million is slated for the next round (Round 6), with applications due in January.

Writer: David Holthaus
Source: Melissa Vince, Ohio Department of Development

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