BIOSTART program will link ideas and resources

Wanted: Innovators and inventors who are working on high-potential medical products. BIOSTART, a Cincinnati life sciences incubator, wants to find them and connect them with capital, management and other resources needed to get their ideas into the marketplace. "There are many health care professionals in our community with significant ideas for products, drugs, or services that, with the right help, can be nurtured into a viable and commercial technology, product or company," says Carol Frankenstein, president of BIOSTART.
BIOSTART can have an idea vetted by a professional evaluator, help come up with a strategy, build a team, tap into capital, and find lab facilities.  With its wide network, built over its 10 years of work, BIOSTART can also connect inventors to others in the health care community to share ideas and best practices. The organization has assisted more than 100 companies, helping create more than 180 jobs and raising more than $170 million through grants, investments and research contracts. BIOSTART is working with Deborah Macdonald of Core Corporate Consulting in the outreach program. Those with big ideas should get in touch through her firm's Web site or at 859-760-8482.

Writer: David Holthaus
Source: Deborah Macdonald, BIOSTART
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