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Groundsource grows in Walnut Hills: residents talk food access

Soapbox Cincinnati has two projects currently focused in Walnut Hills. First is its On the Ground Community Newsroom Series, which takes place in the neighborhood, dives into issues the area is facing, and talks with residents and organizations to bring to light stories happening “On the Ground.”

Second is its Groundsource Project. Groundsource is a text communication tool that allows Soapbox to gather information through a series of text questions and answers directly with Walnut Hills residents. Since Kroger closed its Walnut Hills grocery store in 2017, the neighborhood is considered a “food desert,” meaning there is no easy place to go get groceries and fresh produce within the neighborhood.

Organizations such as the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation (WHRF) have been working on this issue and partnering with several organizations to help bring food into Walnut Hills for residents. Soapbox wants to get information directly from Walnut Hills residents on what and where they are currently purchasing their food, so it can help assist organizations like WHRF in its efforts.

Soapbox has produced fliers with information about the project and the number and keyword to text to begin the Walnut Hills Groundsource series of questions. These fliers have been distributed to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky African-American Chamber of Commerce and Caffe Vivace. On the Ground host Kathyrne Gardette is on the Walnut Hills Area Council, and not only passed around the newly produced fliers, but also asked those in attendance to take out their phones and begin the text communication sequence right then and there.

The phone number to is 513-230-6899, and the keyword to text is HELLO. Once a user texts HELLO, they will receive a series of questions that are a mix of demographics and residents’ shopping habits. The first survey is four questions long. There are three surveys during the project, which ends mid-March. Thanks to all who participate and assist Soapbox in gathering On the Ground information about food access in Walnut Hills.

For more information on GroundSource, visit www.groundsource.co. For more information on Soapbox Cincinnati’s On the Ground Community Newsroom Series in Walnut Hills, click here: https://www.soapboxmedia.com/series/on-the-ground.aspx.

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Kacey King Redmond is a graduate of Ohio University’s Scripps School of Journalism and has her MBA from Thomas More University. She has written for various trade publications, associations, and is a published poet and children’s author. She currently specializes in content marketing for her consulting firm, Cincy Marketing Maven, and acts as social media manager for Soapbox Cincinnati and its sister publication, NKY Thrives.