650 P&G jobs moving to downtown Cincinnati

Procter & Gamble is the latest company to move jobs into downtown Cincinnati. The move benefits both the city and P&G.

“P&G’s decision is further proof that companies want to be a part of what is going on in Cincinnati,” Mayor Mark Mallory said. “P&G is a big part of the fabric of Cincinnati. Once again, they are leading the way in the growth and vitality of our city.”

P&G plans to move the jobs from its suburban Governor’s Hill location to its downtown Cincinnati worldwide headquarters in 2010. The city estimates the move will bring an additional $630,000 in payroll tax revenue to help fund city services.

“Creating more jobs in Cincinnati helps us increase revenue to we can supply quality city services to all neighborhoods,” said City Manager Milton Dohoney.

This is the latest of several jobs created or moved into the city this year. An additional 650 have been added from Medpace, U.S. Bank, Neyer Properties, Graeter’s, Macy’s, Kao Brands and more.

“Returning to downtown was our lead option and we look forward to the increased interactions that this move will provide us with the internal business that we serve,” said Billy Boykins, Director, North America Market Development Organization, Product Supply Operations. “We appreciate the responsiveness of the City in working with us to address the increased demand for parking that this influx of jobs created.”

Writer: Feoshia Henderson
Source: Jason Barron, Mayor’s Office

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