640 city jobs up for grabs at Mayor's Youth Job Fair on April 23

Come April 23, at the 4th Annual Mayor's Youth Job Fair, Cincinnati's youth – ages 16 to 24 – have a chance to land a city job. Mayor Mark Mallory and Council Member Laketa Cole announced that 640 such jobs are available.

"Young people in Cincinnati want to work," says Mayor Mark Mallory.  "City jobs are an excellent opportunity to not only earn money, but more importantly learn valuable skills that will help them in their future careers."

These jobs are part of the City's Summer Youth Employment Initiative, which was initiated by Mayor Mallory and City Council.  This program has been included in the last three city budgets.

Participating youth have a chance to work for the Cincinnati Parks Department (50 jobs), Cincinnati Recreation Comission (90 jobs), ArtWorks (125 jobs) and the Cincinnati Hamilton County Community Action Agency (CAA) (375 jobs through its Summer Youth Employment Program – SYEP).

Youth employed by these organizations will tend to a variety of tasks and have the chance to contribute directly to the community.

“Today, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to our youth by not only providing them a job, but an opportunity to see the potential they have and the positive effect they can have on our community,”  Council Member Laketa Cole said.

Ultimately, in this economy, these city jobs are a boon for Cincinnati's youth.

"We applaud the city for investing in the future of our youth, especially during these challenging economic times," says CAA President and CEO Gwen Robinson.  "CAA will not take this charge lightly and will ensure that the 2009 SYEP delivers all that it promises for our youth and for the City of Cincinnati.”

The 4th Annual Mayor's Youth Job Fair will be held on Thursday, April 23 at the Duke Energy Convention Center from 2 to 6 pm. 

Writer:  Jonathan DeHart
Source:  Jason Barron, City of Cincinnati

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