Cincinnati Bell brings white pages to the web

Cincinnati Bell (CB) has launched an online database of white pages that reflects the shape of the city.

As residents move in and out, businesses locate and relocate, the Cincinnati Bell Online White Pages (CBOWP) continuously update these changes.

This new emphasis on the web points to a significantly growing preference for garnering information via the internet.

“Although other companies may provide some form of electronic white pages information, our Online White Pages delivers the most accurate, complete, and current telephone listings for Greater Cincinnati residences and businesses," says director of the CBOWP, Brian Duerring, director of the Cincinnati Bell Online White Pages.

In addition to timely information updates and ease of access, the move online also decreases paper consumption and related waste, saving trees in the process.

The new CBOWP are searchable by an individual, business or government entity's name; or, in reverse, by a telephone number, which yields a name.

For those still craving the physical pages, the new version will be released in June 2009 and carried at any CB retail location in the greater Cincinnati area.

To check out the CBOWP, visit them here.

Writer:  Jonathan DeHart
Source:  Cincinnati Bell

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