Burd Brothers Trucking goes green, semi-style

Environmentally friendly is usually not a descriptor applied to semi trucks. 

But Burd Brothers Trucking (BBT) is taking steps to prove this notion wrong.

In 2008 BBT equipped its fleet with the Idle Management System (IMS) at $7,500 per truck.

By greening their semis, BBT made a gesture that they, Mother Nature and the rest of us could all appreciate. 

For starters, "the cost savings are incredible," says Dick Burdick, CEO of BBT. 

The IMS ensures that a truck does not idle for longer than five minutes, shutting the engine down should a truck breach the five minute limit.   This, in turn, saves on fuel costs.

But it does more.

The IMS also cools the cab via battery power.  This nifty feature only requires a gallon of fuel for every eight hours of use, making for more savings.

Combined, all the savings make BBT's initial investment in the IMS repayable in less than 1.5 years – pocket change in semi terms.

Alongside cutting costs, BBT's semi convoy is also reducing its ecological footprint.

"Ultimately it is because of the air we breathe," Burdick says.  "By reducing our emissions and fuel consumption, we are helping the future of our environment."

And this is a good thing considering all the diesel fuel semi trucks burn through on their often long trips.

And IMS isn't content only outfitting their trucks with green technology.

Burdick and his two sons, Shaun and Tyler, have also taken to greening BBT's warehouse.

Skylights now embrace natural light in BBT's warehouse and distribution facilities.  And newly implemented electronic invoicing and delivery receipts reduce paper use and save trees.

More information about BBT and their green conscious initiative can be found here.

Writer:  Jonathan DeHart
Source:  Burd Brothers Trucking, Clermont County

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