AssureRx launches its first personalized med product

AssureRx, a personalized medicine company based in Mason, has just announced a full launch of its first commercial product, GeneSightRx.

This lab-developed, pharmacogenetic test will measure and analyze genetic variants in psychiatric medicine and assess how individuals respond to the drugs they receive. The test will help doctors determine the appropriate drug and dosage for each patient's individual needs, which could lessen side effects in patients taking them.

"There is a significant challenge in psychiatric medicine to quickly find the most appropriate medication for each individual patient, which may bring relief from symptoms, reduce or prevent hospitalization, and avoid severe side-effects. Until recently, doctors had no way of identifying patients who may have genetic variations that would affect how medications might work in each patient," explained Al Lucas, AssureRx’s vice president of sales and marketing.

GeneSightRx previously had been available on a limited basis, but is being more widely sold. The test is available only by prescription and must be ordered by a doctor. AssureRx labs can offer doctors confidential test results in about 48 hours in a web-based report.

For more information, you can see a video here.

AssureRx was founded in 2006 through the investment of Queen City Angels, CincyTech, Blue Chip Venture Co., Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Tomorrow Fund, Ohio Tech Angels, DHC Tech and private investors. The company was formed to license and commercialize personalized medicine technology research from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and Mayo Clinic.

Writer: Feoshia Henderson
Source: Dan Dyer Tier 1 Public Relations, LLC

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