Cincinnati opens door to investment, trade with Indonesia

The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce's economic development arm, as well as state and city officials had a first-time meet up with Indonesian officials, the first step in creating possible trade and economic partnerships with the populous Southeast Asian country.

"This gives us contacts if a Cincinnati company is looking to do business in South East Asia, and it opens the door if a company approaches (Indonesian officials) looking to export a product to the United States," said Neil Hensley, the Chamber's economic development senior director.

The meeting, which including Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, came as part of Middletown’s annual  Middfest International 2009, a three-day cultural, business and art exchange event.

"We hosted a (Middfest) subgroup of business people interested in learning about our economy, teaching us about theirs, and finding some common ground in increasing trade and investment between Cincinnati and Indonesia," Hensley said.

Indonesia, with a population of about 240 million, is the world’s fifth-largest country, just behind the United States. Agriculture plays a big part in its economy, and top exports include tin, palm oil, coffee, rubber, oil and natural gas.

Among the Indonesian officials who attended last week’s meeting were governors from two provinces, a Jakarta city government representative and members of the Indonesian Trade and Promotion Center.

Writer: Feoshia Henderson
Source: Neil Hensley, Cincinnati Chamber economic development senior director

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