Blackbook EMG adds more connectivity and experience with recent hires

In a 21st century hi-tech reinvention of yesteryear's "little black book," a Cincinnati startup company is providing the corporate community with connectivity and sense of belonging vital to successful onboarding and retention of today's employees.

Blackbook EMG's innovative solution to this universal corporate challenge comes in the form of the company's multi-tiered software and services.  The company's Compass online platform identifies an individual's or family's personal needs and outside interests and helps connect them to places to eat, shop or catch a live show.

Now an integral resource in the workplace of such clients as Macy's, Procter & Gamble, Ethicon, TriHealth, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, KAO Brands, Givaudan Flavors and LPK, Blackbook is proving to be an invaluable tool for retaining top talent.

Attracting top talent of their own, Blackbook's management team - led by founder and CEO Chris Ostoich and Sr. VP of Operations Carla Messer- was recently joined by two area professionals whose background experience and community connections make them the perfect fit for the Cincinnati startup.

Myrita Craig, whose eight-year tenure at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber included roles as executive director of Agenda 360 and vice president of small business and programs, comes aboard as president of Blackbook EMG, while marketing and business development specialist Stephen Samuels will round out the executive team as vice president of client experience.  

"Myrita has spent most of her career taking opportunity and organizations to the next level," says Ostoich, who believes the company's dynamic incoming president has "the vision, networking, and big-picture thinking to take Blackbook to the next market."

Samuels' new role at Blackbook, believes Ostoich, "falls right in line with his personal mission." Founder and president of Bridging Broadway, an advocacy group connecting people and places to create a dynamic entertainment district in downtown Cincinnati, Samuels' background also includes urban planning, extensive travel experience, and work as a community advocate, all of which, says Ostoich, "are in perfect sync with what Blackbook is all about."

Practicing what they preach and what they provide in their own workplace and in their active community involvement, the Blackbook team continues its mission to keep corporate talent "happily ever after" right here in Cincinnati.

Writer: Alyce Vilines
Source: Chris Ostoich, BlackBook EMG founder and CEO
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