Marvin's Organic Gardens, Wal-Mart partner to compost food and plant waste

Marvin's Organic Gardens' 10-acre compost facility is going to get a workout through a new partnership with Wal-Mart stores from Cincinnati to Columbus.

Marvin's, in Lebanon, will soon begin receiving food and plant waste for composting from 160 regional Wal-Mart stores in partnership with Future Organics Inc., a private company working with Wal-Mart stores in Ohio and Michigan.

Future Organics will collect and deliver up to three tons of food scraps, food prep materials and plants to Marvin's each week.  Both Marvin's and Wal-Mart benefit from the relationship: Wal-Mart compost disposal fees are lower than a landfill's, and Marvin's compost mound will grow and diversify.

"The nutrient rich homemade compost we are able to produce from the food waste supplied from Wal-Mart is the best way to promote healthy lawns and gardens and grow the best tasting fruits and vegetables possible. Marvin's Organic Gardens is proud to help Wal-Mart with their pledge to significantly reduce landfill waste," said Wes Duren, owner of Marvin¹s Organic Gardens.

Marvin's sells compost, compost bins and other products that aid at-home composting. The compost meets National Organic Standards.Marvin¹s has been an EPA-permitted organic waste recycling center since 2000.

Writer: Feoshia Henderson
Source: Tarte Advertising, Inc.., Marvin's Organic Gardens

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