MotherLOVE to host Lucy Hone during workshop for grieving parents

MotherLOVE, an organization created for bereaved mothers by bereaved mothers, will host its main workshop of the year, Resilient Grieving for Health Living, on July 16. The workshop is open to any grieving mother or father who has lost a child.

Guest speaker Lucy Hone, a teacher and medical practitioner from New Zealand, will teach attendees simple, evidence-based practices that have been shown to help bereaved parents make healthier choices while grieving the loss of their child. Hone lost her own 12-year-old daughter during a family mountain biking trip in 2014.

“In keeping with our mission, all of MotherLOVE’s 2016 programs provide tools, techniques and methodologies for moving beyond survival to living well after the death of a child,” says Marcie Warrington, founder and president of MotherLOVE. “Paramount to moving beyond survival — in fact, one of the foundational building blocks — is healthy grieving. Not a term much used, or even found in typical bereavement literature. What Lucy brings to the table is her background as a researcher and practitioner in the techniques from resilience science, which for the first time, to my knowledge and hers, are being applied specifically to grief."

MotherLOVE empowers mothers to increase meaning, joy and purpose in their lives after the loss of a child. Warrington began the process of building the organization in June 2015 after finding no organized groups — beyond grief support groups — that focus primarily on helping grieving parents move forward.

MotherLOVE hosted its very first workshop in January.

“Through a generous grant from the Manuel D. and Rhoda Mayerson Foundation, MotherLOVE is honored and excited to bring this unique offering to the Greater Cincinnati area — free of charge — with the hope of helping as many bereaved parents as possible on this arduous and heroic journey of living well, one that for most bereaved parents includes varying degrees of grief throughout their lives," Warrington says.

Do Good:

•    If you're a grieving parent or know someone who is, register to attend the July 16 workshop, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at Mayerson Academy, 2650 Highland Ave., Cincinnati, 45219.

•    To learn more about MotherLOVE, visit its website.

•    Make a donation to help support MotherLOVE's mission.