MotherLOVE to host first workshop for grieving mothers

MotherLOVE, an organization created for bereaved mothers by bereaved mothers, will host its first workshop Feb. 26.

Many grieving mothers suffer from depression, a lack of meaning or purpose and less life engagement after the loss of a child. MotherLOVE’s programs go beyond the needs of a traditional grief support group, addressing longer term goals that empower mothers to increase meaning, purpose and joy in their lives, says Marcie Warrington, founder and president.

MotherLOVE programs are open to mothers who are at least one to two years beyond the death of their child.

“I know from firsthand experience how important it is to have that mother-to-mother connection,” Warrington says. “I also know that living a more beautiful life, one beyond mere survival, is the best way I can honor the love for my son.  My son’s life was a blessing, not a curse.” 

Workshops will be kept small, no more than 25 people per group, and will combine evidence-based research with proven techniques for increasing well-being and flourishing.  The first workshop, “Mindfulness and Character Strengths,” will be hosted at Mayerson Academy.  Other currently scheduled workshops will be hosted at Main Street Yoga.

MotherLOVE has program partners all over the city: City Silence, VIA Institute on Character, The Lindner Center of HOPE, Women Writing for (a) Change, Ordinary Hero Foundation, Lucy Hone and Sianna Sherman.

Warrington began the process of building MotherLOVE in June 2015 after finding no organized groups--beyond grief support groups--that focused primarily on helping grieving parents take the next steps to integrating the whole of their lives to live more fully. 

“A child’s death is part of your life,” she says.  “It’s part of who you are, but it’s not your whole story.”  

Do Good:

• If you’re a grieving mother or know someone who is, register for the Feb. 26 workshop at Mayerson Academy in Corryville by emailing Marcie Warrington.

• To learn more about MotherLOVE, visit its website.

• Make a donation to help support MotherLOVE’s mission.