Answers for Civics Essential Quiz: Campaign Finance



Ohio law permits corporations to donate directly to a political candidate or their campaign.

  1. ___ True
  2. _X__ False
In its 2008 decision in “Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission,” the U.S. Supreme court allowed unlimited political donations from the wealthy, corporations, and unions, but only if the money was spent:
  1. _X__ independently of any candidate’s campaign.
  2. ___ for television ads.
  3. ___ with the approval of the candidate
  4. ___ all of the above
A federal judge’s recent decision in an Ohio-based lawsuit against Crossroads GPS and the Federal Election Commission opens the way for:
  1. _X__ requiring more anonymous political donors to be identified.
  2. ___ limiting campaign spending in elections.
  3. ___ outlawing misleading attack ads.
  4. ___ all of the above
Federal and state election laws set limits on the amount of money any one individual or group may donate directly to a candidate’s campaign.
  1. _X__ True
  2. ___ False
Ohio has become a hotspot for political attack ads because:
  1. ___ it is a “swing” state with many close elections.
  2. ___ the Citizen’s United ruling permitted unlimited political spending by outside groups.
  3. ___ laws often fail to force outside groups to identify their donors.
  4. _X__ all of these reasons.
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