After 20 years, KZF Gallery comes full circle

In celebrating its 20th anniversary, the KZF Gallery will return to where it all began.

"ESTABLISHING:Normal:detail" opens March 20 and will feature the photographic work of Robert A. Flischel, who helped launch the gallery in 1988.

The exhibit will feature images and blown-up pages from Flischel's two books: The University of Cincinnati / Architectural Transformation: Tradition and Innovation and An Expression of Community / Cincinnati Public Schools' Legacy of Art and Architecture.

"There was a natural synergy between the gallery and this (UC) book," says Rosemary Weathers-Burnham of Rose Communications, who handles public relations for the gallery.  "KZF Design has been very involved on the UC campus."

The gallery's first exhibit featured a photographic study of the Grand Baldwin Building's renovation and vistas of the Downtown skyline, an exercise that Michael Kelley, director of interior design services for KZF, says helped fuel Flischel's interest in architecture.

Kelley says that the decision to re-engage Flischel occurred naturally, given the history.

"It became a light bulb going off in the room," he says.

The gallery typically features the works of two to three unknown or emerging artists at a time, and the pieces are switched out three to four times a year.

Kelley says that the gallery was a way to avoid the monotony of covering the walls with a static display of their own projects.

"This was a way to make our office evolve and change," he says.

"They appreciate having art in the workplace," Weathers-Burnham says.  "And they're very connected to the local art community."

The KZF Gallery is free and open to the public during KZF Design office hours, 8 AM-5 PM weekdays.

Writer: Kevin LeMaster
Sources: Michael Kelley, director of interior design services, KZF Design; Rosemary Weather-Burnham, Rose Communications
Fountain Photo courtesy of KZF Gallery
KZF Design photo by Scott Beseler

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