Allendale Lofts set to capitalize on condo tower's success

Allendale Lofts is hoping to capitalize on the success of Oakley’s [email protected] by converting some of the four-families along Allendale Drive into condominiums. Each 1,240-square-foot unit will include a two-car garage, basement storage space, and rear decks overlooking the Hyde Park Country Club. Interiors of all of the units will feature Whirlpool stainless steel appliances, bamboo floors and granite countertops.

Project manager Jameson Muth of Jameson Group LLC says that they own five other buildings on Allendale, and they will continue to work their way down the street as sales dictate.

"The good thing about this is that all of the buildings are very similar," he says.  "They have a simple design, with an open loft feel."

One of the first two units has been sold, and the other will be used to sell the project.

"We want this to be our showpiece," he says.  "We want it to show that this is what the future of Allendale is."

Brent Van Lieu of Seven Hills Development Corp., who developed the [email protected], is serving as the project's general contractor.

"Brent really wanted to make the street look great, to complement his project," Muth says.
Muth says that Mother Nature provided a strong selling point.

"The big canopy of trees," he says.  "It's not like any other street in Oakley.  That's why Brent chose this street for his lofts."

Muth believes that the project will be attractive to the younger demographic, who crave nice, urban neighborhoods.

"We're excited," he says.  "It's a great project.  You can live on the same street as million dollar lofts for a fraction of the price."

Writer: Kevin LeMaster
Source: Jameson Muth, project manager, Jameson Group LLC
Photography by Scott Beseler
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