Northside redevelopment corporation seeks funding to continue affordable, green development

In just four short years, the Cincinnati Northside Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation (CNCURC) has made a significant impact in Northside through its work in preserving historic structures, promoting "green" building techniques, improviing home-ownership, and by providing affordable housing.

In order to continue its progress, the corporation needs help raising critical funding that can offset the costs of these projects which sometimes include higher initial capital costs.

"We continue to acquire properties that have been declared public nuisances but are historically significant," said Stephanie Sunderland, executive director of CNCURC.  "The fundraiser proceeds will help us to offset the higher costs to do these projects, while also making them more affordable."

The CNCURC was one of ten recipients for neighborhood stabilization funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that is being distributed by the City.  The corporation has also recently completed two LEED-certified homes as part of the LEED for Homes program.

"We're big on trying to preserve greenspace and put existing things to productive use," said Sunderland who also stated that much of the construction materials on their project sites are either reused or recycled with the help of Building Value.

In order to maintain this level of service the CNCURC is hosting their second annual Fall Fundraiser at Slims Restaurant on Wednesday, October 28.  A special Mexican dinner will be prepared to celebrate Dia de los Muertos (All Souls Day) and will feature specialties like grilled corn and almond empanadas with options for both vegans and vegetarians as well.

Tickets for the fundraiser cost $100 which include your four-course meal and drinks (cocktails, wine, and more) at Slims Restaurant (map).  You can reserve your seat by calling Stefanie Sunderland at (513) 542-4709.

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Writer: Randy A. Simes
Photography by Scott Beseler
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