All aboard Metro's Fun Bus

On December 5, Cincinnati Metro will launch a new route focused on fun. Four brand new 30-foot mini hybrid buses will run a re-routed route 1, now deemed the "One for Fun!" Presented by Hollywood Casino, the vehicles (funded 100% with federal stimulus dollars) will seat approximately 25 people and the route will run from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., every 30 minutes, Monday through Sunday, offering around 54 trips a day.

The re-vamped beat will stop at dozens of Cincinnati's best spots for arts and entertainment. The attractions include the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, Music Hall, Great American Ballpark and Paul Brown Stadium.

"The One for Fun bus will make it even easier for visitors and people in this region to participate in the unique and special arts & culture of our community - the theater, music, dance, galleries, museums, zoo, and more," said Margy Waller, vice president of ArtsWave. "Our arts make the community vibrant and fun. And here at ArtsWave, we're excited that Metro is making it so easy for everyone to come together through the arts," Waller added.

The route replacing the current Rt. 1 Museum Center-Zoo will improve the route for both local residents and visitors to Cincinnati.

"It's going to be such a convenient route for visitors," said Jill Dunne, public affairs manager at Metro. "If someone is staying at a hotel downtown and their spouse is going to a conference or if they're on vacation, they can hop on Route 1 go to the attractions, get back on and get back without having to call a cab or finding other transportation or parking. It will be the best way to hit all these attractions, making it a great asset to the city."

The Metro, which has been serving the Cincinnati area since 1973, has received positive reactions during an open house held in October. The increased frequency on the route, the new busses wrapped in cool, distinctive designs and the added locations hope to attract more riders who haven't had the chance to get familiar with the Metro system. The route will still service the same neighborhoods and hospitals as the previous route did.

Metro has also partnered with the Cincinnati Park Board to have Eden Park and the Krohn Conservatory on the new One for Fun bus route.

"The Krohn Conservatory is free admission to the public, and adding the direct bus service makes it even more accessible for our citizens," said Julie Horne, chief public information officer for Cincinnati Park Board. The Krohn Conservatory partners with the Cincinnati Zoo and area students on research projects; the new service will improve the ability for students to visit for their projects.

The One for Fun will visit 55 unique attractions and the route is around one hour from end to end. Riders can purchase an unlimited monthly pass for $70, buy tokens at the Mercantile Building in Government Square or pay the standard route price of $1.75 in cash with exact change.

For more information, check out the One for Fun route and Cincinnati Metro.

Writer: Rene Brunelle
Image provided.

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