Basil's Caribe Carryout offering up authentic Caribbean cuisine on Cincinnati's west side

Cincinnati's west side is known for its neighborhood-grown food icons like Price Hill Chili, LaRosa's, Sebastian's, and Skyline Chili.  It's not often that the west side is thought of as a place to find authentic Caribbean cuisine, but Basil's Caribe Carryout changed that earlier this year when it opened in West Price Hill near St. Teresa.

"I have lived at the end of the street and have had the idea for the restaurant for nearly 20 years," said Caribe Carryout owner Basil Dalian.  "Over this time I really wanted to start a fast-food Caribbean place because I had not seen anything like that outside of somewhere like Miami."

Located at 1221 Rulison Avenue, Caribe Carryout is located in a 900 square-foot space - Dalian has a five-year lease.  He says that remodeling the space took some time, but the work has been well worth it due to the great response he has received. 

"So far we have had a lot of neighborhood residents stopping in, and we have received a surprisingly supportive community in this area."

The menu is intentionally small so that customers can try authentic Caribbean cuisine like beef, pork, or vegetarian empanadas; four kinds of stews including one vegetarian option; potato cakes; tostones; Caribbean drinks; flan; and rice pudding.  Prices range from $2 for a stew; $2.25 for an empanada; or $3.50 for a combo that includes a stew with rice, empanada, and a choice of potato cake or tostones.

"If you've been to the Caribbean you'll know our food, if you haven't, then it will prepare you for a trip there one day," Dalian stated.

Basil's Caribe Carryout is currently open Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1pm to 8pm, and Fridays and Saturdays from 12pm to 9pm.  Dalian says that hours may be expanded in the future, and that the menu may grow, but the best way to stay connected for now is to come in and visit or become a fan on Facebook.  The restaurant can be reached by calling (513) 236-0260.

Writer: Randy A. Simes
Photography by Scott Beseler
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