City of Cincinnati intends to be fully counted for 2010 Census with new task-force group

Cincinnati officials have been challenging Census projects for the past couple years and have been successful at the same time.  In 2008 City leaders were able to successfully have Cincinnati's 2005 population estimate revised to 331,310 up from 308,728.  The successful challenge showed that Cincinnati’s population trend was in fact quite stable from the 2000 Census count of 331,283.

As the 2010 Census count nears City officials are gearing up for a major effort called Cincinnati Counts which is a combined initiative of Cincinnati's Complete Count Committee and the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati with the participation of partners throughout the community.

City leaders cite that more than $300 billion is allocated based on Census results, and that millions is allocated in Cincinnati alone.  This means that a low population count could result in the loss of significant federal funding for the city of Cincinnati and the larger region.

The initial Census challenges stemmed from a statistical analysis of city records, including building permits, demolition permits, and conversions of buildings into apartments or condominiums.  That analysis showed that the city’s population was significantly higher that the Census estimate and has had officials hopeful that a higher 2010 Census count could be in order.

"There is too much positive activity and development in Cincinnati for the city to be losing people," said Mayor Mallory following the successful challenge, who has also led the city and regional effort to push for a full count in 2010.

Cincinnati's Complete Count Committee is emphasizing how easy the Census is to complete to encourage higher response rates, and cites that there are only 10 questions that take about 10 minutes to complete.  Committee organizers also say that your responses are confidential and that the Census count only counts people, regardless of citizenship or legal status.

As of right now volunteer drives are underway to get people to help with the Complete Count Committee.  Those interested can get more information by following Cincinnati Counts on Twitter and Facebook, or by contacting the Mayor's office.

Writer: Randy A. Simes
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