Next generation of city leaders rallies at historic Verdin Bell Center

On June 11 a group of several hundred people gathered at the historic Verdin Bell Center in Pendleton.  The gathering was organized by the newly formed Cincinnatians for Progress group that is working to fight back against what they see as a California style government of never-ending referendums.

Cincinnatians For Progress say "the City Charter is Cincinnati's version of the Constitution and it shouldn't be used as a vehicle for binding referendums that handcuff the mayor and keep city government from moving forward."

One of the group's most vocal leaders is Bobby Maly from Model Group.  Mayor Mallory has also recently been tapped as the group's honorary chairman and many local leaders align themselves with the group's overarching cause of stopping what they have dubbed the "Anti-Progress Amendment."

The amendment is the City Charter Amendement that would "prohibit the city, and its various boards and commissions, from spending any monies for right-of-way acquisition or construction of improvements for passenger rail transportation (e.g., a trolley or streetcar) within the city limits without first submitting the question of approval of such expenditure to a vote of the electorate of the city and receiving a majority affirmative vote for the same."

The June 11 "Rally For Progress" was meant to rally the opposition to this proposed City Charter Amendment and raise awareness to the campaign.  The result was a turnout of what seemed to be the next generation of city leaders in Cincinnati.

Young City Council hopefuls, young professionals, student leaders and community activists filled the Verdin Bell Center as they were greeted by Soapbox's own Publisher, Dacia Snider.

Many of the people in attendance are regulars at other city-related events.  The excitement and passion was notable as the event came on the heels of the announcement that the city selected a team to help plan, design, fund, build and operate Cincinnati's streetcar system.

Writer: Randy Simes
Source: Cincinnatians For Progress
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