Taco Azul to hit Cincinnati's streets in late April

A taste of Los Angeles' famous taco trucks will hit Cincinnati's streets this spring according to Taco Azul owner and Cincinnati native Gary Sims.

Sims said that the plan was to open in time for the Cincinnati Reds' Opening Day, but due to unforeseen difficulties associated with their truck purchase, the start-up date has been pushed back several weeks to late April or early May.

Once open, those hungry for authentic Mexican fare will be able to find Taco Azul during the work week downtown at Vine and Court streets between 11am and 2pm.  The truck will also be operating around town serving popular nightlife hot spots and special events.

"We wanted to work around Madonnas and the BlackFinn area on 7th Street, but we don't want to have a taco war, so we might go somewhere else downtown or in Northside," Sims detailed.

The "taco war" Sims mentions is in reference to downtown's other popular taco truck - Senor Roy's Taco Patrol - which is regularly found around the 7th Street nightlife area.

"I think there is room for both of us here," said Sims who also plans to get the appropriate permits and approvals to operate in Northern Kentucky destinations like MainStrasse and near Newport on the Levee.  "I thought an authentic Mexican food truck was extremely needed in Cincinnati."

"I would come back for the Flying Pig and could never find any street food other than a hot dog cart," said Sims.  "A friend of mine told me that once I came back to Cincinnati that I had to bring a Los Angeles business with me back to Cincinnati."

The fare served from the Taco Azul (follow them on Twitter @TacoAzulCincy) truck will include a variety of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, sopes and tortas all channeling the Los Angeles taco truck spirit.  Sims stated that they will also be serving the sweet rice-based milk horchata and menudo soup.

"The menudo will be served on Saturdays and Sundays - the soup is considered to be a hangover cure which makes it great for those going out on the weekends," explained Sims.  "We'll also have lengua which is served at every legit truck in California that's worth its weight in gold."

The food will be made using local produce and free range meats as much as possible.  Prices will range from $2 for tacos to $5 for a burrito, torta or quesadilla.  The truck will also have the customary salsa bar and include rice, beans and chips to bolster the culinary experience.

"Part of eating off the street is getting outside and flipping your tie back and sitting on a bench or curb while enjoying some great food."

Writer: Randy A. Simes
Photography provided by Taco Azul
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