WordPlay believes in the power of self-expression to heal and protect [VIDEO]

WordPlay is a nonprofit organization that works at the intersection of social and emotional learning and the creative, expressive arts. It gives youth ways to identify and think through their own stories, and to describe their experiences in meaningful ways. In doing so, youth can feel empowered to not only share their voices and their experiences, but to become part of a bigger effort, and gain the self-confidence needed to to be emotionally resilient in the face of mental health challenges they face.

Soapbox Media visited WordPlay and a youth poetry slam it organized recently as part of Soapbox's Amplifying Youth Voices series. The video was produced by Fourthwall Youth Studios, Cincinnati.   

To read the latest in the Amplifying Youth Voices series, click here. The series is made possible with support from Interact for HealthTo learn more about Interact for Health's commitment to mental health and well-being, please visit here. 

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