Always Up: Powerhouse bridges the gap between art and music

Powerhouse Factories, a graphic design and print shop located in Newport, Ky.,  has been bridging the gap between the art and music scenes since they began designing and screen printing gig posters for musicians 10 years ago. They count themselves lucky to be a part of a creative community that is bursting at the seams with amazing artists, musicians and the local arts organizations that support it all. When they began thinking about how they could broaden their MidPoint Music Festival experience this year, they knew there had to be an opportunity to serve as a catalyst and bring all the players together to create something new and unique. In their recent collaboration with Cincinnati’s 21c Museum Hotel, Contemporary Arts Center, SpringBoard, ArtWorks and MidPoint Music Festival, they managed to do just that. They captured the culmination of all their work with these groups during the week of MPMF and are pumped to debut a video celebrating it.

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