Mural Mural on the Wall

Cincinnati is Mural City. Plain and simple, we're staking our claim with the most interesting and diverse murals in a city center. There's "Campy Washington" in Camp Washington, Cincinnati Vice Mayor Jim Tarbell as 'Peanut Jim' at the entrance of the Gateway Quarter in Over-The-Rhine, and the Cincinnatus mural across from the Kroger building in downtown to name a few.

Many of these murals were created by Artworks, an organization that connects artists of all ages through apprenticeships, community partnerships, and public art. Last summer, the US Council of Mayors awarded Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory with the City Livability Award for the ubiquitous "Mural Works" program which has produced 34 murals in 25 neighborhoods in four years. With 12 new murals popping up around town this summer, we thought we'd take another look with Seven/Seventy-Nine at the art Mural Works is bringing to our neighborhoods.

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