Take a ride down the mighty Mill Creek

Mention to someone that you’re going to canoe on Mill Creek, and theyll likely fit you for a HazMat suit. Undaunted, Soapbox was intrigued by the opportunity to explore this oft-abused and misunderstood regional asset.

Scott Beseler and Casey Coston recently ventured on a three-hour cruise along the creek with canoe guides/volunteers Greg Bechtel and Jeff Agricola, accompanied by a kayaking Jenifer Eismeier, who joined the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities as Executive Director in August 2011.

They hopped in their respective canoes at a rocky bend in the creek in Sharonville and, after taking on one of the more tricky riffles 150 yards down, were safely on their way into a lush, green landscape of majestic sycamore trees, dense thickets of honeysuckle and the occasional glimpse of the modern world just outside the banks. The grey morning warmed up into a tranquil river expedition.

Read Costons full report of the canoe trip and reflections on Mill Creeks comeback here.