Carroll Concertinas

Carroll Concertinas is located in Erlanger, Ky., and specializes in the making of Anglo concertinas typically used in traditional Irish music. As one of only a handful of concertina makers in the world, their instruments are highly sought after in both the United States and Ireland as well as many other countries.

Many of the top concertina players in Irish music use Carroll concertinas, including Noel Hill, Edel Fox and Padhraig Rynne.

Carroll Concertinas produce approximately 25 instruments (and protective cases) per year.

Wally Carroll (black hooded sweatshirt in the slide show), who founded Carroll Concertinas in 2002, still oversees production. Other staff pictured are Jason Ahlers, Jeni Balcom, Amy Bogard, Greg Jowaisas, Eric Sayer and Simone Westerkamp.