WordPlay Cincinnati

Venture into the new world of WordPlay, a nonprofit in Northside filled with old-fashioned typewriters and modern-day dreams. Part literacy, creative expression space, part social venture initiative, WordPlay and its sister store, The Urban Legend Institute, offer a new alternative to literacy and learning for kids of all ages.

The place, and its mission, caught the attention of Michael Holder, senior motion designer at Gyro, who outside of his day job, looks for stories that are compelling.

"I can't think of a more compelling concept than a literacy program like WordPlay, which focuses so much on the fundamentals of thought, ideas and simple execution," Holder writes.

After nearly 20 years as an art director, Holder has discovered that storytelling through photography and video is his true passion. He worked with Courtney Tsitouris on the Cincinnati Deconstructed video series and shot and edited the Emery Theater video for the 11.11.11 event. 

When Holder, who also designed the 2008 SummerFair poster, visited WordPlay in Northside, he was hooked. "Everything in the space inspires and begs to be written about," he writes. "But most of all, I am so amazed at the character and motivation of people like Libby Hunter who not only possess the vision but also maintain it through execution."

Full disclosure: Soapbox Managing Editor Elissa Yancey is co-founder, vice-chair of the Board and chair of the curriculum committee for WordPlay. She couldn't be prouder of the work done there and the children and volunteers who make each day an adventure.
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