A Gift Horse that is a True Thoroughbred

Most people are surprised to learn that Northern Kentucky’s three counties that skirt the Ohio River are less than five minutes from Cincinnati, Ohio, and have all of the amenities offered by a major metropolitan city. When I worked for Fidelity Investments, who operates a 4000+ employee regional center in Covington, Kentucky, recruiting professionals and management executives from major cities like Dallas, Boston, Chicago and St. Louis was a regular occurrence. Many times there were concerns raised by prospective new hires about how their family would “fit in,” whether they would find rigorous academic institutions for their children, whether their spouse would find the area accommodating, whether the position they were considering merited a relocation of their family to Kentucky.

The good news, I am pleased to report, is that the relocation of these professionals and management executives far exceeded even my most optimistic expectations. Many of these people are still with Fidelity and have become engrained in the fabric of the community. Even those who have been subsequently transferred or relocated have spoken glowingly about their experience in Northern Kentucky and how well the whole relocation experience worked for them and their families. More than a few of them, as they were ready to move to their next assignment, said their family had never been happier, were leaving with many fond memories and that Northern Kentucky had been a great place for them both professionally and personally.

Why such a positive response? If you look at the recipe for success, it is really rather simple. The cost of living in Northern Kentucky is roughly 10% below the national average, housing is affordable, there are excellent residential communities and top-notch schools, there are ample opportunities for families to enjoy everything from the arts, theatre, professional sports, recreational boating/canoeing, and family values are still considered important.

Over the past 15 years Northern Kentucky has seen a remarkable influx of top-tier, nationally and regionally recognized companies that have decided to call our part of the country their home. Among them are: Fidelity Investments, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Citi, AC Nielsen, Omnicare, Wild Flavors, General Cable, Mazak and Toyota Boshoku America. The true test of a successful relocation speaks to company expansions from the original footprint and all of these companies have expanded since their inception (some have had three and four announced expansions), which attests to their belief that Northern Kentucky has met their needs and is a profitable place to conduct their business.

Class “A” office space in Northern Kentucky is plentiful and affordable. There are opportunities to locate on the Ohio River and be a metropolitan office employer with a five-minute walk to the Cincinnati side of the river, there are suburban locations with easy commutes and still only minutes from all of the downtown activities on both sides of the river, and there are opportunities to be near our international airport, three interstate transportation systems and within recruiting distance from the states of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. So, whether you are a new business considering your first business location or an established company thinking of an expansion or relocation, think of Northern Kentucky. You will be pleasantly surprised to see what you can get at less than your anticipated cost. In other words, we are a gift horse that truly is a thoroughbred! 

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